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About Us


Our Headquarters located in Miami represent a strategic location for purchasing and Datcenter services.

From the purchase office point of view Miami is a main city leader in finance and international commerce in the world, offering a great logistic base for your international transactions, having Datamemory as an intermediate we make sure you get your products on time at the best prices and with the available manufacturers warranties.

Over the last years Miami has also reached high standards in intercommunication and data/ internet/traffic in the world. At this time you can find many important datacenters, but the main Datcenter is the NAP of the Americas, now property of the Verizon Company, the NAP is a category one datacenter and one of the top 5 in the world for its security and structure. We are currently partners with them, offering many solutions to our customers including our "Remote Hands 24x7" services.

We also have part of our team offering services in Guatemala, Honduras y Costa Rica who can attend you directly in your home countries.